Start with a Kiev –
the greenest capital and one of the ancient city in Europe.  Its beautiful architecture, old history,  amazing views, and exciting nightlife will make you want to come here again and again

For those who are in love, interesting will be to visit a real natural tunnel of love. It became one of the most romantic spots on our planet. People believe, that if you will walk with your beloved one through all the tunnel while holding each other’s hands – your wishes will come true and love will become stronger.  Still, don’t believe? Then come and check by yourself!

If the Krakow it is a small Prague, than Lviv – it is a small  Krakow. The combination of East and West culture, rich history and an amazing Ukrainian spirit and cuisine makes Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the soul of Ukraine. To get lost in Lviv tiny streets with its cute cafes – will be not a disaster but only one of your best adventures.

Are you a fan of the sea? Ukraine has it too. Travel to the South and you will see the real pearl of Ukraine – Odessa city. Glorious streets, one of the most beautiful opera theater in the world and beaches of the Black Sea will definitely attract you.

A trip to Chornobyl will never leave you unconcerned. The saddest touristic attraction will take you back to the USSR times and will show the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

No, no, it is not a Hogwarts and not a Parisian Sorbonne. It is a National University in Chernivtsi city in the west of Ukraine. This and many others monuments attract thousands of tourists every year.

Kamianets-Podilskyi is a picturesque city in Ukraine. Beautiful Smotrych river, unique architecture and castle will make you feel like you are in the era of knights of the Middle Ages Times.

Are you a professional skier or you just about to start, or maybe you just want to rest in the wooden house among beautiful Carpathian mountains? Bukovel always open for you. Frozen air, snow, skate, ski in winter or hiking among green valleys in summer  – any time of the year you will find something for you in this Ukrainian famous ski resort.