Ukraine is also known for its rich cuisine, so we recommend – everyone should try it. But apart from local food, you will also find multi-cuisine restaurants & cafes, including Indian, in all the major cities. So in case, if you are missing paneer tikka or butter chicken – you will find it all. Restaurants like Himalaya, Bombay Palace, Sutra in Kiev, London in Odessa and Café Slon in Lviv, will make you feel like you are at home. Bon Appetit or how we say in Ukraine – “Smachnogo”!


As in every western country, Ukraine is very modern when it comes to nightlife. Starts from pubs, restaurants, bars and finish with clubs, party buses, and strip – clubs. Not expensive alcohol, loyal view on parties, lots of festivals all over the year, one of the most beautiful women in the world and charming men, makes Ukraine one of the top party destination in Europe. Everyone will find here something as per his or her taste and will never feel boring. So…see you on the dancefloor!


Here is a thought, that to travel with kids is a big trouble & hectic and sometimes parents just trying to avoid it and leaving kids at home. But Ukraine – it is the country where you can come and will be surprised how many activities we have for kids, how many good expressions your children will get, how nicely they will be welcomed. Ukrainians are very warm-hearted and love kids. So here everyone trying hard to impress every member of your family. In most good restaurants you will find separate changing room for babies, kid’s corner, where animators will be playing with them, while you are enjoying your meal. Also, you will find other entertainments, like big aqua parks, amusement parks, playing halls etc. So don’t be afraid! Let your children travel with you, let them see new horizons, new culture and explore more things, which will help them to become a great human in the future.


While traveling abroad some people often like to shop, be it souvenir, gifts or something personally. Ukraine has many shopping malls like Ocean Plaza, Dream Town, Lavina Mall, and others – in Kiev, Riviera, and Athena – in Odessa, Victoria’s Garden and Kingcross – in Lviv, with wide ranges of national & international brands. So if you are a shopaholic, you will be wondering of varieties and definitely find something as per your taste and purse. Welcome and happy shopping!


Being a European country, the Ukrainian government still didn’t legalize LGBT community, but what connects to people is, Ukrainians are very tolerant to this category of humans. If sometimes, it is better to not show your relations in a public, big cities in Ukraine have a lot of places where LGBT can feel free and without any worries. For example, clubs like “LIFT” and “Pomada” in Kiev, “Libertin” in Odesa and “OOPS! Drinks and Music” in Lviv and many others gay-friendly cafés and restaurants will help to spend a good time and feel safe and comfortable, while you are traveling in Ukraine.